A septic system is one of the ways to improve your efficiency. Instead of going through a wastewater treatment plant, septic systems offer an alternative to the treatment of wastewater.

Solids settle to the bottom of the septic tank and are treated by anaerobic action. The liquids in the septic tank are filtered out into the surrounding soil over a large area. As the water seeps into the ground, it is cleaned by a natural process.

Proper maintenance of a septic system is required in order to avoid potentially serious effects. Disease from leaking or improperly treated waste can cause hepatitis and dysentery. Mosquitoes and flies have the ability to spread these diseases if they are allowed to breed within an area of liquid waste. In the unfortunate event of a damaged septic tank, Matthews Sanitation Services is committed to restoring your system to normal. We have put together a few suggestions to keep your system in working order.

The overall design of your septic system is an important part in preventing your system from failing. Poor construction and/or location can throw off the operation of the system itself. When installing a system, distance from your home must be taken into account. The company that installs your system is required to follow proper and current health department codes to regulate septic systems. 

Soil conditions must also be considered when installing a septic system. The soil must be able to support the system as well as be able to process the water created from waste.

Once your system is installed (or if you have a pre-installed system) there are a few things to do in order to insure its quality. Performing regular tank pumping, being conscientious of what you put down the drains and avoiding plants and trees from encroaching upon the septic field, can help you avoid any future problems.

Please note: not all county regulations are the same regarding Septic Tanks and Septic Systems. All counties have to abide by state and federally mandated rules and regulations

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